Butterfly Hug

Love and be loved is human growth and wellbeing of the most important elements.

Butterfly Hug is actually a self-psychological therapy, a person to learn how to love, accept and change oneself. Rediscover oneself and find oneself restore confidence, then change towards the idea of a healthy and a more balanced life style.

The butterfly is an ancient way of transformation. Empowering yourself through the butterfly method. Butterfly hug will somewhat make you calm and feel relax. No tool works for everyone, you can try to see whether managing anxiety through the simple butterfly method is something works for you.

If you are longing to get relaxed, lively, enjoyable physical-mental health and wellbeing, we welcome you to participate the psychological, mind courses and workshops which we organize!

Our counselling is only a ‘drop in the bucket’ of your life, one small influence that others will build upon in the future.

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